What to wear beneath your Designer Abayas?

What to wear beneath your Designer Abayas?

by Hanayen Fashion on Apr 27, 2023

This is a sure shot thought for every abaya fashionistas, The solution is Hanayen’s Stylish Inners / slips which  adds a glamourous  look to your abayas, we suggest this loose-fitting basic dress made of soft Neda fabric / sometimes crepe fabric / with perfect addons styling of new cuts to give you inner comfort, comes with choice of long-sleeved and sleeveless designs, subtle and vibrant collection of beautiful hues which will add a panache to your ensemble.

We recommend /Suggest for Darker Colored abayas.

Select your inner/ slip in crisp white, soft cream, sky blue , baby pink or warmer shades like sand, beige, light pistachio, navy, teal, lilac. mink , mocha, maroon , ash grey or many shades of grey to be Worn under a black or dark-colored open abaya, these hues of inner / slip dresses create striking color contrasts for you to stand-out and go out confident yet fashionable.


Inners for all occasions

Everyone looks for a dark-colored sleeveless inner/ slip dress to wear under a heavily embroidered or Swarovski elements embellished abaya for a special occasion or a all time versatile black inner/ slip dress for work, parties and social occasions we assure you to find just the right match @ HANAYEN with vast range of inners to suit your style.


Check our collection @ https://hanayen.com/collections/under-abaya-inner


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