Shopping Online For The Best Abaya Looks In Dubai

Shopping Online For The Best Abaya Looks In Dubai

by Hanayen Fashion on Apr 02, 2023

If you're searching for fashionable and modest clothing online in Dubai, then the abaya is a great option for those looking to stay current and on-trend. Abaya's are the quintessential outerwear piece for women in UAE and most parts of the Middle East. Seen traditionally in beige and black, they now come in a variety of styles, and are worn to both dress up and dress down an outfit, allowing women to show off their style while still maintaining modesty. With the convenience of shopping online and having it delivered right to your doorstep, finding the perfect abaya to suit your hijab style is easier than ever. Allow us to guide you through our collection of abaya to buy online in Dubai. At Hanayen you will find the best modest outfit look chic and fashionable.

What is an abaya?

In some countries, it's called a chador or burka, distinct to the jilbab in cut and shape.

The abaya can be worn in two ways: from the shoulder or from the top of the head. While abayas appear simple and plain at first glance, there are a variety of designs available. Traditional abayas are simple and unadorned, but in recent years, embroidery, coloured embellishments, and tailored cuts have become more common. The embellishment is frequently found along the sleeve cuffs, necklines, or down the front or back. Beads, sequins, coloured thread, ribbons, Swarovski crystals, French lace, and other embellishments are used to add flair and colour. Although black is still the most popular base color, abayas can also be found in other colours such as dark blue, brown, green, and purple.

Best places to buy abaya online in Dubai
A staple of any modest woman's wardrobe are abayas. With the many styles available now, it's the ideal piece to wear at any time of day and looks great. For important events, particularly religious ones like Ramadan or Eid, abayas are ideal. One of the most well-known Abaya and Sheila luxury fashion brand in Dubai and in the Middle East is Hanayen which provides a variety of stylish and traditional abayas, Jalabiyas, headscarves, Hijabs, Niqabs and sheilas.
Find your favorite abaya store that makes you feel like your best and most confident self. Shop online and find the best place to buy luxury abaya in UAE. 

Modest Wear
If you decide to be modest, you can find everything you need in our modest fashion edit. Each piece was designed with long sleeves, floor-length hemlines, and opaque fabrics so that it can be worn alone without the need for additional layers. Consequently, you can maintain your sense of self while still enjoying fashion.

Hijab Style
For Muslim women, the hijab is a symbol of modesty. But being modest has never required you to stop taking care of yourself, and it never will. You can style your hijab in a variety of ways with other clothing to achieve any look you desire.
In light of current fashion, we advise you to try utilizing more striking hues in your hijab. These days, there are many printed hijab designs available, including Hanayen Chiffon plain Sheila and Cotton Stretch Hijab.

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