What’s Trending in Abaya and Modest Fashion for 2023

What’s Trending in Abaya and Modest Fashion for 2023

by Hanayen Fashion on Jan 14, 2023

Modest fashion is always evolving with the times, and this year is no exception. As we look ahead to what’s trending in modest wear for 2023, we can expect to see luxurious abayas that make a statement with their vibrant colors and high-quality materials. Let’s take a closer look at why colorful abayas are becoming increasingly popular among fashion-forward women. 

Colorful abayas have become one of the most popular trends in modest fashion over the last few years. This is because they offer an elegant option for those who desire a more modern look without sacrificing comfort or modesty. Not only do these abayas bring bold colors and stylish silhouettes to your wardrobe, but they are also made from quality fabrics that are designed to last. Whether you opt for a bright pink hue or a subtle pastel shade, there is sure to be something out there that fits your style. 

Not only do these abayas look great, but they can also provide many other benefits as well. For example, wearing colorful clothing can help boost your mood and even make you feel more confident in yourself. This type of clothing also offers protection from the sun’s rays while still allowing you to express your own unique style and personality through color and design choices. Take our urban collection our Hanayen Urban Collection, not only are these abayas colorful but they literally convey a statement of hope, dreams, determination… Plus, if you choose an abaya made from breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, it will keep you cool during hot summer days while still providing ample coverage. 

The fabric used for your abaya is just as important as its color. Trending fabrics for 2023 include neda (or nidha), brocade, velvet, silk, and lace—all materials that will help you make a statement while still maintaining modesty. Brocade is especially popular this year due to its luxurious feel and intricate patterns. If you want something a little more casual, linen and cotton are great options that come in a variety of hues and prints. Whatever fabric you choose, be sure it complements the color of your abaya perfectly! 

At Hanayen, our abayas are designed using the finest textiles such as Neda fabric (or Nidha fabric) combined with lace dentelle, velvet, brocade… Besides being perfect for any occasion, Neda fabric gives the abayas a soft and comfortable feel. This fabric is lightweight and perfect for hot climates such as UAE’s.                             

As we look ahead at what’s trending in modest fashion for 2023, it's clear that colorful abayas are here to stay! These luxurious garments offer both beauty and practicality, making them perfect for any fashionable woman who wants to make a statement with her clothing choices. So don't wait any longer – invest in some beautiful colorful abaya pieces today and stay ahead of the curve!

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