What Abaya Style to Wear?

What Abaya Style to Wear?

by Hanayen Fashion on Jan 28, 2023

Fashion is very important in a woman's life. They are constantly on the lookout for new fashions and trends. Something that helps people feel confident and delighted with what they wear, such as designing clothing styles that are visually pleasant to their eyes and provide them with a sense of empowerment. In Muslim views, modesty implies covering yourself and wearing fewer revealing garments. This phrase is now also associated with fashion. Women who dress modestly are just as stylish and graceful as those who don't. We shall explore abayas that are appropriate for various occasions:

Weddings during the Holiday Season
Weddings and holiday celebrations are important parts of our communities. We all enjoy dressing up to appear our best, complete with sparkles and gems. The embroidery abaya, is ideal for these events. And if you want to be the talk of the town, the crystalized abaya is perfect for you. The intensive embroidery on the black abaya embellished with crystal that can be seen from a distance, giving the evening a very glamorous aspect.

Dinners and parties in the evening
Then there's the evening, party-wear appearance. A semi-formal outfit that appears sophisticated and stylish. Hanayen has color abaya, a bold color with a confident appearance. Our black cut abaya is another choice that flows smoothly as you walk and, when paired with the appropriate hijab, creates a gorgeous evening outfit.

Look at colleges and universities
What to dress to college and university is usually a difficult concept; something that is both comfortable and fashionable is the best option. Both of these characteristics are present in our Urban Collection.

So, if you want to open doors to the world of modest fashion from Dubai to wherever else, go no further than our variety of abayas, modest wear hijabs.

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