Summer Abaya Collection Trends 2022

Summer Abaya Collection Trends 2022

by Conversions DMCC on Jul 06, 2022

With the hot weather taking over the Middle East regions, especially those of Dubai and the UAE, it can be tedious to arrange some breezy yet convenient outfits.

 This task is also applicable to styling the abaya in summer. So if you are looking for modest designs like Swarovski abaya, or embroidery abaya, this is your cue to go through some of the most exclusive summer abaya trends we have curated for you!

Go With the Pearls

Abayas embellished with stones, pearls, or other beads will always remain the first choice for those looking for something convenient yet luxurious to wear during the hot season. They are in high demand this time of the year. So get yours now!

Crystal Abaya

If you have a wedding invitation or any other party due and are not really in the mood to wear a heavy abaya in this scorching heat, then crystal abaya designs are your escape. They present the simplest yet most classy look and allow you to enjoy every occasion with a bit of glam and sparkle.

Pick the Lighter Tones 

One stated fact regarding colors and heat is that darker hues attract more heat and humidity. Therefore, when selecting your abaya to be worn in the summer, always look for pastel shades or lighter and more blush-inducing colors. They are more comforting than regular colors and give your face a more vivid glow.

Step into the Fringe Trend 

Lately, fringe has been the talk of the town, especially when it comes to abayas. So if you want to make a fashion statement, go with the fringes. The best part is that there is a lot of variety in the location of those loose threads and feathers. So wear it like a cape or place it on your shoulders. It never fails to impress.

Belted Abayas 

They have also seen a surge in popularity amongst the female population. A more significant number of women are considering wearing belted abayas as it enables them to achieve a more structured look while making more effective movements.

Abayas with Pockets

Pocketed abayas are a boon to those women who do not always want to carry leather bags or heavy purses with them to carry their essentials. With the facility of pockets in the abaya, women have more excellent space to put their belongings while staying assured that they'll be safe and untouched.

Prints and Silhouettes

Abayas with different prints and silhouettes are also another option that women can choose from to wear in summer. Again, one can look through and select multiple prints with varied colors. However, consideration is to choose abayas that do not use heavy prints as they can be troublesome to wear in summer.

So make your 2022 summer fashionable with these trendy Hanayen summer abaya collections.

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