Everything You Need to Know About Abaya Shopping in Dubai

Everything You Need to Know About Abaya Shopping in Dubai

by Conversions DMCC on Sep 12, 2022

Choosing an Abaya for women is not an easy task. You need to check and choose from endless options in terms of material, style, cuts and lengths. Plus, every body type and height demands a different abaya style to make you look elegant and stylish. Hence, a lot of brainstorming. Today we will talk about the most important aspects of online searching and buying luxury abaya in Dubai. 

Opt For Luxury 

Like any other element in the fashion sector, the abayas also change with time. Hence if you are a modest fashion freak, you must keep updating your abaya collection. The new collections of abaya are all about comfort, style and chic-ness. This collection comes in unique colours, designs, and patterns to help women look classy and sophisticated. Now the abaya has moved far from traditional plain blacks. Now you can find as much variety and variations as you wish. So choosing the right abaya for any special occasion has become easier. But it comes with the challenge of picking the most stunning out of the entire collection. 

Tips to Choose the Right Abaya Online 

Here are a few points you need to focus on and check on buying abaya online.

  • The length of the abaya – Length is the first thing to consider when choosing the abaya. It should be of the same length as your height. You can consult the online size chart to find the exact match abaya for you online.
  • The sleeve length – Next is the length of the sleeve of your abaya. Make sure they are at your wrist length. But there can be an exception based on the design of the sleeve.
  • Fabric – The material of your abaya is important because it changes with the weather. You will surely need a breathable fabric to wear in the summers. But in winters, you will appreciate something elegant yet can serve as a layer of warm cover on your basic clothing.  
  • Colour of Abaya – As said earlier, abaya’s are available in more than just black. But you will mostly find them in pestle tones and subtle colours. So you try to look for the ones that suit your skin type. They will help you look chic and elegant. 
Tips to Choose perfect Abaya for Your Body Type 

All the ladies will agree that those tight-fitted abayas look cringe. Plus, this is not the right way to wear the abaya traditionally. So the question is how to wear an abaya the right way. Here are some points about the perfect fitted abaya according to your body type: 

  • For a petite and straight body – If you have a straight or petite body, try to pick an abaya with flayers. A style with more than one layer will look elegant on you. 
  • For Pear Shaped body – If you have a fuller or pear-shaped body, look for the abaya style with a wider bottom and suitable fitted top. Also, opt for a style with tight sleeves. It will create an elegant shillioute as you move. 
  • For taller ladies – If this is you, opt for an abaya style that is the same as your height. Never settle for an abaya that is shorter than your highest. The end of the abaya must rest below your ankle. 

No matter your body shape or size, the secret of an ideal outfit is to own it. You must feel confident, comfortable and good wearing any clothing, including an abaya. All the ladies' abayas in Dubai are designed in a way that can boost your confidence. It also implies Head Covers, Jalabia and other accessories. All you need to do is to pick a style that attracts you the most and makes you feel good. 

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