Our Jalabiya Collection

A Jalabiya, also known as Jellabiya or Galabeya, is a traditional loose-fitting dress that Muslim women usually wear. Being one of the leading online stores with a vast collection of Islamic dresses in Dubai, UAE, we at Hanayen try to offer our products at affordable rates. We have many different Jalabiya designs custom-designed with the highest-quality cloth to match the UAE’s hot climate and sandy weather.

Our Abayas are perfect to be worn every day and for special occasions. You can pair them with the Hijab and Shelia varieties at our online store in UAE. Fill your wardrobe with the latest trendy Abayas. We have many designs, including the butterfly, hooded, A-line, and many others designs. Browse through our Swarovski stone embedded, floral printed, gemstone attached, thread embroidered, laser-cut Abaya collection available in many unique colors. Order from our collection today and save up to 20 percent.