Designer Women’s Sheila

Sheila is an extended, rectangular head cover that Islamic women commonly wear to cover their hair. Our collection features Sheilas in various styles and designs to provide you with the unique look you desire while remaining modest. In addition to a wide range of designs, our selection of Sheila is available in soft pastels and solid colours. Furthermore, we only use the most delicate fabrics such as cotton and silk for our Sheila to provide the wearer with absolute comfort. Our collection features Sheila for prices ranging from AED 100, and FREE Shipping is offered for delivery within the UAE. FREE International shipping is also available for purchase worth AED 850 or more.

Like other types of Islamic head cover, Sheila, over the years, has become a symbol of modest fashion. With an expansive catalogue featuring Sheila’s in more than 100s of styles, colours, and designs, you are sure to find a product that is to your liking at Hanayen. To know more in detail about the Sheila designs or luxury abaya we offer, send us an inquiry today!

The Sheila has become a symbol of modest fashion, and at Hanayen, we offer an extensive catalog featuring over 100 styles, colors, and designs. You're sure to find a Sheila that matches your preferences. To learn more about our Sheilas or luxury abayas, contact us today!