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Hanayen- 11849

Made from pure black neda fabric. Mixed with floral design Jacquard fabric. Made in butterfly cut with front closed. Additional black sheila with design on border.
1,300.00 (AED)

Hanayen- 1298

Made from soft black pure Neda fabric. Mixed with black color machine embroidery design in front and sleeves. Buttoned down front open Abaya. Additional black Sheila with design on border.
1,500.00 (AED)

Hanayen- 7805

Made from pure black crepe fabric. Mixed with french black dantel in diagonal lines. Buttoned down front open abaya. Additional black shiela with design on border.
1,900.00 (AED)

Hanayen- 1346

Made from soft black pure Neda fabric. Black machine embroidery on front. Mermaid cut with front closed. Additional black Sheila with design on border.
1,180.00 (AED)

About Hanayen

Hanayen Group of Companies & Est. was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the year 1990 as a humble venture. On today, we are proud of our achievements being the leaders in the Arabic Fashion & retail industry. From the period since the group’s formation, we have witnessed the phenomenal development of the United Arab Emirates and will always be proud of our contributions to this development. During this journey we have managed to draw up our own clear and constant principles and to develop our expansion plans through continuous development of our departments with persistence to provide the best products to our customers.

Being pioneers in Abaya and Sheila, we commit to provide world-class quality in line with the Islamic, Arab traditions in order to ensure the principles of women’s wear that will be harmonized with the surrounding environment.

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Happy U.A.E National Day to everyone.
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